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Scientists have known for decades about the impact of glutathione deficiency on our health. It has taken many more years to develop a proven, effective means of raising glutathione levels in the body. In cooperation with Immunotec Research, Ltd, a Canadian pharmaceutical research company and manufacturer, Your Future Health is happy to bring you the latest news on ground-breaking science that is improving the lives of people the world over.

Our health-promoting products are the fruit of almost two decades of medical research spearheaded by Dieter Beer, one of Immunotec's founders with a long track record, and Dr Gustavo Bounous, considered the father of whey protein and glutathione research. These two eminent professionals created Immunotec Research Corp., a pure research company, which conducted over 18 years of research that is the foundation of our products.


Glutathione Miracle

We invite you to learn all you can about glutathione and this life-saving new product. After reviewing the site and downloading the free report ( We strongly recommend !), be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. At Your Future Health and Immunotec Research, there is no short supply of experts to help you to reach informed decisions about your health and well being, so call on us - we're happy to assist you!

Learn more here about glutathione and how you can safely raise it intracellularly in your own body and become fully armed to combat the onslaught of disease and aging.





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Healthy 1 2
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We are among the many, independent distributors who bring Immunotec Research Ltd.'s line of dietary supplements, diet aids and related products to the market.Immunotec's health-promoting products are designed to increase vitality and overall wellbeing. Almost two decades of medical research are behind these products, and the company's commitment to research and development has never wavered. Immunotec's team of researchers has been responsible for groundbreaking innovations that have received many patents around the world. That's a clear sign of the company's commitment to health research and to turning the results of its research into products that promote health and wellbeing in people who use them.The complete line of products is worth exploring. Whether you're trying to improve your overall health, lose weight, or have specific health issues you would like to address, Immunotec has a product for you.For all of us at Your Future Health, Immunotec has been a tremendous opportunity to improve our lives in so many ways. We share Immunotec's mission and passion to deliver innovative health-promoting products that help people achieve the kind of lifestyle they want. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by any one of the communication modalities found below. It would be my pleasure to assist you!

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Glutathione Miracle

Raising Intracellular Glutathione can save your life.

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